• The Three Musketeers

    The Three Musketeers

    The Three Musketeers

    In July of 1927 three women, Catherine Robbins, Hilda Kurth and Kathleen Norris ventured off to spend their summer vacation hiking Vermont’s 272-mile Long Trail. They became the first ever-documented women to complete the Long Trail hike, something conventional wisdom in the 1920s insisted women couldn't do.

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“The Three Musketeers” came to life on the Long Trail in 1927

But this time The Three Musketeers appeared as young women instead of the swashbuckling heroes of the Dumas novel.

The three young women in question were Kathleen Norris, and Hilda Kurth of Schenectady, NY, and Catherine Robbins of Cornwall, VT. As they traversed the Long Trail over the Green Mountains of Vermont their hike became media frenzy coast-to-coast, and they were hailed as “The Three Musketeers”. They unknowingly became the first women to complete the 272-mile hike over the Long Trail from Williamstown, MA to the Canadian border — a stunt they said women could not do.

The Three Musketeers at the Canadian border

The Three Musketeers at the Canadian line, Aug. 25, 1927

This extraordinary summer vacation gave The Three Musketeer’s numerous thrills in Vermont’s wilderness with the benefits of exercise and being in the outdoors. They aspired many more women and families to do the same.

Come explore and learn how this historical pioneering hike and heroic journey put this country’s oldest long distance hiking trail on the map to success. Learn about backpacking, how the Long Trail is maintained by the Green Mountain Club and become the next generation of Musketeers to continue living the legacy. Truly grasp how to enjoy Vermont’s footpath in the wilderness, and engage in your own adventurous hiking lifestyle.


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