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Long Trail hiking video experiences

Every time I hike on the Long Trail I’m retracing the footsteps of my grandmother, Catherine Robbins Clifford as she trekked across Vermont in 1927 as one of The Three Musketeer’s. I did end-to-end hike the Long Trail in 1997 with my sister, Amity. Now I yearned to share this historical experience with my 10-year old son.

After lots of planning my son Carl and I set out to thru hike the 273-mile Long Trail during the summer of 2013. We had many exciting and interesting thrills that prevented us from finishing.  But we did hike from Williamstown, MA all the way home to the base of Camels Hump. Over the next few summers we continued section hiking. This summer of 2016 we have only 4 days left to make it to the Canadian border and we expect to finish this summer.

We hike as Musketeers, Too, as in “Also Musketeers”.  Here are some video clips we took along the way as we seek out summer vacation adventures, as did the Three Musketeers in 1927.

Our second day on the Long Trail and the sole of my boot peeled off

Day four of hiking

Day five — hiking on adrenaline

Views from Glastenbury Fire Tower

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