Keeping manageable backpack weight  for kidsYes, it’s all about what’s in the backpack.

It takes packing, unpacking and repacking to get it right. And for the first few days on the trail you will experiment with what goes where in your pack; discover important items to keep easily accessible during the day; learn how to distribute your packs weight evenly; and realize what you should have left at home.

There is a science to packing a comfortably backpack.

The key thing to remember is NEVER carry a pack weighing more than 20 percent of your body weight.

Packing for a solo hike is trickier than packing for two people who can share the weight of group items. A solo hiker has to carry it all. Two people or more split up shared items like water filter, cook stove, cooking pot and the shelter. The most difficult is packing a pack for a child who weighs 72 lbs. and therefore should only carry a pack weighing less than 15 lbs.

I’ll help you over come these challenges so you understand what you should leave at home and determine the necessities you truly need for wilderness survival.

Stay tuned, more specific information to come. Plus I will list specific gear that my son and I carry for our hikes.

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